Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fiberglass Egg Rally RverII

Ok, here is a bigger picture of Chuck and I taken the last day of the RverII Rally. A few of you wanted to see a bigger photo...... so we aim to please!

At last we were in Van Buren Arkansas, still a day early for the rally. I gotta tell you, I was a bit underwhelmed at the campgrounds chosen. No trees, no picnic tables, not much space between sites and right next to I-40 exit 5! But the campground was still pretty empty so it didn't look it's best, especially after the pretty state park campgrounds we had just been to! Then folks started pulling in. Then it was fun having everybody close by. The 4 of us with Olivers parked 2 to a space and with our awnings facing each other, so it was like we has our own "subdivision" in this small town of fiberglass rv's! Eventually there were about 18 of us camped there. The campground site turned out to be perfect. Easy to get to, a nice big meeting/clubhouse, a nice laundry, close to restaurants and WalMart.... turned out ok.

The photos are of the rally and of Betty and her dog Poco! I have to do a new post to add more photos....... so until next time!

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  1. Thanks, Geri, great photos. The smile on Betty's face is totally capturing her on film.


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