Monday, October 13, 2008

Crowder Point, OK

Top 2 photos are from Quartz Mountain SP in Oklahoma and bottom photo is sunset taken at Crowder Point Campground OK.

Chuck and I had hoped to camp at Robbers Cave, OK on Saturday 10-11-08, but the park was full to overflowing! They were having horse events, boy scout events and just plain folk like us having a golly gee weekend with BBQ's and fun! We drove around and just want you to know, this was a beautiful Oklahoma State Park! It was about a 5 hour drive out of Hot Springs Arkansas. So we kept on keeping on and found another campground just south of I-40 and east of Oklahoma City, we just happened to find a sign for Crowder Point Campground on Highway 69. It was nothing fancy, but it was a good campground in progress of becoming a great campground. We were right on the lake, next to the boat launch area and the sunset was great! I kept telling Chuck that Highway 9 ran directly parallell to I-40 just about 20 miles south of it. He insisted on doing I-40 thru Oklahoma! Let me tell you, I-40 in Oklahoma sucks ESPECIALLY when you hit Oklahoma City! It bounced and jarred every suction cup loose in the Oliver! By the time we got bounced out on the other side, Chuck wanted to know where that Red Rock State Parks was that I had been talking about? So we turned south on highway 281, just west of OK City and a short time later, we pulled into Red Rock Canyon. This is a beautiful camp area, it was privately owned when I first discovered it and now it has become an updated, very nice state park. If you are into climbing, there are rock areas designated just for climbing. Great campsites and picnic areas, FHU of just boondocking available . I wish I had taken pictures Chuck but and I stayed long enough to walk the dogs, admire the beautiful rock formations, calm our nerves and head on. I do need to warn you, that when you enter Red Rocks, it is a very steep road down into the canyon and a healthy climb back out! Make sure your tow vehicle is up to the job!

We followed highway 281 down to Anadarko OK (Native American Capital of the USA) and picked up highway 9 and headed west. Chuck had to agree, the roads were much better even though they were two lane the traffic (when there was any!) moved well. Too bad it was still too early to camp at Red Rocks....... but I started telling Chuck about another great campground I had heard about, but never visited called Quartz Mountain RV Resort State Park about 12 miles south of Lone Wolf OK on highway44. Tired from the beating he took going through Oklahoma City he was ready for Quartz Mountain! What a wonderful surprise! Several campgrounds to choose from with pull thru FHU to boondocking. We chose water and electric only. Soon we had a family of 7 white tail deer wandering around, oblivious to us until one of the dogs barked, then they just slowly moved away. We slept well and woke up to rain!

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