Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rver II Rally page 3

A calm Dawn broke after the passing of TS Ike, to the credit of the RV park, it was well drained and hardly a puddle was left to show for the hours of rain that had pounded down on us. Betty and I took a predawn walk with the dogs and found only a laundry basket that had escaped from it's home. We all survived TS Ike very well. Chuck says goodbye to Poco. Sunday morning was the final gathering for pancakes with sausage and coffee. It was time to begin the goodbyes to all the new friends we had made! Paul and Sherry left Saturday to go visit her mom in Missouri so they missed sharing Ike with us. Almost everyone was packing up after breakfast and heading for home. I loved the wheel cover on the back of Steve and Tali's Oliver, "Not all those who wander are lost and the road goes ever on...." ! They obviously love life on the road! Mountainborn took a minute to brag about the box he had built onto the tongue of the Oliver to house his generator. Of course now Chuck wants one just like it! Mountainborn and Butcherknife go "boondocking" quite often and having the generator handy makes life easier! Finally, everybody was packed up but for 3 of us who decided to stay Sunday and leave Monday. So in the ready to roll mode, we all went down to Jake's Steaks for lunch! Another great meal at a restaurant within walking distance of the campground. We are going to miss our new friends! Most we had met via the internet and Oliver Forum or the Casita Forum, but just hadn't met in person. This was really fun for my first rally and I'm looking forward to next year! Next stop.... Crater of Diamonds State Park!

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