Sunday, October 19, 2008

Geri,Chuck, Chuck and Sheilah! 2 Chucks can be confusing!

We finally arrived at Chuck and Sheilah's house in Paulden AZ. Paulden is just south of Ash Fork on I-40. Their property sits in a beautiful

Valley surrounded on all sides by mountains! I hate this picture of me, but here you get to meet me, Chuck, Chuck and Sheilah.

Sunrise and sunsets cast a pretty pink glow to the mountains. The photo you see on the left is of their house and garage and part of their huge garden! They had just had a frost when that cold front went through, so some of the plants weren't real happy...... but you could tell this had been a very productive garden! Sheilah and Chuck take all their veggies to market in Flagstaff and it's been keeping them very busy!

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