Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rver II Rally page 2

One thing I have learned with this blogging stuff, I never know where the text is going to show up around the pictures!First I think CD Smith and his wife, 3 pups well known on the Casita Forums. The first night everybody was there, several of us went out to eat at Rick's Ribs........ and YUM is all I can say! Great fried pickles too, along with french fried sweet potato's....... much too good when all I can eat is 1/2 cup of food at a time! I got a nice sampling of all though and leftovers for 2 days! Then we have Larry and Betty, better known to those of us on the Oliver Forum as Mountainborn and Butcherknife. Then the famous Poodle Girls with their white boy slave Lane better known on the Casita Forum as Lane and the Poodle Girls! Saturday was fun, it was open house and we got to explore everybody else's campers inside and out! Some of these people were very imaginative and creative when it came to decorating their mini homes on wheels. There were several 13 footers! Small and cozy! Saturday afternoon it started raining! Ike was on his way in and the first bands of rain fell! By the time we settled in for a covered dish supper in the meeting hall, it was pouring down big time! We went on with our games of bingo and awarded prizes and certificates. Chuck and I got a certificate for being the couple that travelled the most distance to attend the rally. It rained and rocked and rolled all night. Ike was just supposed to be a tropical storm by the time it hit us, but for 5-6 hours we had steady rain and strong gusty winds and I was serious when I said we were rockin' and a rollin' all night long. Being a Florida gal, I slept through most of it. Chuck was up almost all night! Those California folks just ain't mush used to hurricanes! Will post a few more photos on next Rver II page 3.

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