Sunday, July 10, 2011

Canyonlands to the south

July 5th, Chuck and I took a long drive. We started at Sand Island then up to Newspaper Rock and then over to Canyonlands, The Needles or southern part of Canyonlands.  We showed you the north part of Canyonlands, just north of Moab Utah, The Needles is south of Moab and north of Bluff about 1/2 way.

We decided to show you the Canyonlands and give you a break from the petroglyphs and show you some beautiful rock formations!

This is why they call this area the Needles!

Around every turn, the panorama was amazing!

 The Needles Outpost has gas, snacks and a 
pretty cool campground too!

The campground had some really nice boondocking sites

More Needles!

The Dutch shoe formation!
The slab that fell off the main piece of rock doesn't look very big in the photo, but in reality, it's about the size of a city bus!

The Canyonlands journey is worth making!We both like the southern Canyonlands a bit better, but both parks are very beautiful and worth the visit!

Next blog we will catch you up on Newspaper Rock and show you some amazing rock art!

Happy Trails from the MotherShip!
Geri, Chuck and the hound herd!

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