Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fish Lake Utah

Radar LOVED Fish Lake! There were chimpmunks and prairie dogs everywhere and every chance he got he was at the windows looking for them!
    Please Mom?  I wanna go out and chase 'em !!!

          MOM! PLEEEZZZEEE! I wanna chase them!

First one popped up...

Then two !!!

                                Then THREE!

MOM! They are EVERYWHERE! I can catch them! 
I know I can!

Awww MOM! You are no fun at all!
For 4 days Radar kept us entertained running from window to window. Running from couch window to chair window to bedroom window! He escaped every chance he got to go off hunting! Needless to say, Radar had a great time... DoogieBowser and Scottie slept most of the time!
Chuck and I loved Fish Lake! The campground was rough, uneven but huge camp sites with picnic tables and a fire pit and a great view of the lake!
 That is The MotherShip in the middle, the bronze one!

We woke up the morning of June 29th at 6 am to hail pounding the roof of the MotherShip! It was LOUD!

 The campground was near a stand of beautiful Aspens

The "Pando" stand of Aspen was near us, but we never made it there. The stand of Aspen known as the Pando is a clone colony of a single male quaking aspen and is estimated to weigh over 6,600 tons making it one of the heaviest known organisms in the world. The name Pando means "I spread".  Hard for me to think of Aspens as an organism, I just love them!

Here is the link to the blog when we passed by these same Aspens in the fall. The colors are magnificent!

Today we leave and head down to Bluff Utah for four days! We loved the Cadillac Ranch campground when we were there last year, so we are headed back for another visit! Lots to see and do from there!
So we are on the road again...... 
Happy Trails from The MotherShip!
Geri, Chuck, Scottie, DoogieBowser and Radar!

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