Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Road Tripping from Torrey to Hanksville UT

There is only 35 miles between Torrey and Hanksville Utah, but it shows you some of the most incredible beauty America has to offer. Highway 24 runs through the indescribable beauty of Capitol Reef. Other parts of the road make you feel like you are visiting another planet!
I just want to share some of Highway 24's images with you!
Choosing the road less traveled is the way Chuck and I explore the real United States of America!

 Meanwhile. DoogieBowser snoozes in the back seat!

There are beautiful rock monuments all along Highway 24, and remember all these images in this blog were taken in just a 35 mile stretch of road!

   There are grey rocks

There are striped rocks,different colors just layered inches at a time.

There are red rocks, towering red cliffs, red rock monuments....


There are white rocks

     And rocks that look like swiss cheese!

There are rocks that graduated from white to red color

There are rocks that become towers

The layers of colors the Earthmother shows off like layers of her petticoat!
 What do the people who live in this strange land do?
They raise sheep......
They grow alfalfa .............

They raise cattle ........

They bake wonderful bread and cinnamon buns in a brick oven out in the back yard!

They raise horses!

 And they love old junk cars and trucks and wreckers!
Highway 24 makes a left hand turn here and heads up to the interstate. Going straight, we are headed to Bluff and our next blog we will take Highway 95 and pass through some more beautiful country!

Happy Trails!
Geri and Chuck and the Hound Herd reporting from The MotherShip

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