Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Tripping from Hanksville to Bluff Utah!

This is where we left off on the last blog. At this intersection in Hanksville 24 turns left and heads up to Goblin Valley State Park and Interstate 70. Bearing right puts you on Highway 95 headed to Bluff and more amazing scenery.  Glen Canyon Recreation area to name one.

The scenery along Highway 95 is as diverse as it is interesting and beautiful!

Shortly after turning on 95, the earth on the left side turned orange and had bright green small shrubs growing all over the hillside, looking like polka dots from a distance!

Once again, we find ourselves on the 
road less traveled!
 The real beauty starts showing after you pass Highway 276 on the right, that road takes you down to Bullfrog Landing on Lake Powell. We have never been there, but hear it is beautiful!
The red rock walls show up,
towering over the highway!

There are green trees against the red rocks.

There are a few steep hills,
both up and down...

But the view around the next curve is worth it!

Hog Springs is a great pace for a picnic break!
Clean pit toilets too!

I never get tired of red rocks!

Or balancing rocks...

         Or the views that surprise you at each turn!

Yep! That's what I'm talking about!
Click on the picture and realize that
those little black dots at the base of that 
rock pillar are cars!

Lake Powell is beautiful!  
See the arched bridge in the center?
Click on the photo to enlarge it!

There is another view of it!

And a closer view...

Crossing the Colorado River!
Suggested reading:
Edward Abbey - The Monkey Wrench Gang
You will truly appreciate this area more!

More of the roads less travelled.
I don't think we passed more than 50
vehicles all that time on 95!
Yep, just what it looks like! That is the road headed straight up  and through that little cut in the rock!

Finally near Blanding, Highway 95 ends and you must turn right on Highway 191 to Bluff.  This is where Bluff begins, through the red rock walls!

Bluff Utah, established 650 AD, not too many American towns can make that claim, 
not even St. Augustine!

You gotta turn right at this old truck and go to
Twin Rocks Cafe and try their Navajo Tacos! 
Right next to the cafe is a wonderful 
(Museum Quality) Native American Art Gallery! 
Better than most of the museums and 
art galleries we have visited! Pricey, but quality!

      This is where we camp in Bluff! Cadillac Ranch!
The MotherShip is behind that white truck!
The time to drive from Torrey via Hanksville and Highway 95 was about 4 hours, 
but we stopped along the way to 
walk the pooches!

Now I will have to get busy and show you all the neat places we have visited since being here in Bluff. 
Last year we stayed 2 days, not enough!
This year we stayed 4 days... Still not enough!
Bluff is right at the center of Native American Culture!
We have visited great panels of rock art/petroglyphs!
Visited the south end of Canyonlands National Park and driven down some pretty amazing dirt roads!

We will tell ya all about it in the next blog!
Sunset from our campground!
Happy Trails! Reporting from The MotherShip,
Geri, Chuck and The Hound Herd

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