Sunday, July 10, 2011

Newspaper Rock, Utah

Newspaper Rock was amazing! Small area of rock absolutely crammed with rock art symbols! I shot several areas close up, so you could see the details better. The best part is that this rock art was protected by an overhang! Protected from the weather and from the sun, these photos turned out really clear!
Take a look!
Remember, you can click onto each photo to takeit to  full size so you can read this sign and see the rock art close up!

 As I said earlier, this rock art is concentrated on one relatively small panel, well protected by the chain fence.
Also protected all these years by the large overhang above it.

It was amazing how clear these petroglyphs were!

In some areas, the art is crammed in, even drawing on top of drawing, this was in the middle, the easiest area to reach. Below was less active because it was near the top.

        The quality of the rock art here is the best!

Isn't this truly Amazing?  
My favorite petroglyphs so far!

To the left of the panel...

                          On the right side of the panel....
I tried to cover the whole panel
with these photographs!
Hope you enjoyed it!

Scottie and DoogieBowser, (Radar is hiding behind Scottie!) love to go with us on all our road trips! We hope you are enjoying them as well!

Reporting from the MotherShip, docked in Monument Valley!  We take off tomorrow for 4 days in Page and Lake Powell AZ! See ya'll then!
Happy Trails from Geri, Chuck and the hound herd!

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  1. We loved Newspaper rock also. We were there in September 2011. Our Utah trip is what inspired us to purchase and RV. www/


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