Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woolly Hollow State Park, Central Arkansas

After leaving Village Creek State Park, Chuck and I followed Highway 64 to Bald Knob AR where we picked up Highway 67 down to highway 64 to Conway. We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel (one of our favorite restaurants on the road) and then headed north on highway 65 to Woolly Hollow, it is about 20 miles north of Conway Arkansas! Here we found another great Arkansas state park... and a campsite right on the lake! I also got a great chance to get a photo of my cat snoozing next to Scottie in the camper. I really want to stress that if you are ever worried about taking your cat camping with you, quit your worrying! I almost gave Bonkers up to the humane society because the thought of camping with 3 dogs and 1 cat for 3+ weeks in a 17' fiberglass home on wheels seemed a little crazy! But crazy as it seemed a few weeks ago seems normal now. Bonkers has turned out to be a great little camper and she travels very well! Living on the road has taken a lot of choreographing our moves around each other inside the camper to say the least, but we do it now with hardly a second thought. Bonkers has her litter box on the bathroom/shower floor and does very well thank you. We sleep with all 3 dogs and Bonkers taking turns in our bed. Scottie starts out with us, but being the largest of the 3, he decides he has more room on the floor and he jumps down after a few minutes of family time. Maybe now you can figure out why we named our trailer, The Phunny Pharm. hahahaha!

Village Creek State Park, Eastern Arkansas

Chuck and I had a few days to just sit back and enjoy life, so we decided to stop at one of the first AR state parks we came to off I-40. It was about the 5th exit to Wynne Arkansas and maybe about a 20 mile drive from I-40 but well worth it! Village Creek State Park is beautiful! We had almost the whole park to ourselves! There was one couple parked in the same area with their Casita! They loved our Oliver and came back for a second look, finally the husband wandered over by himself and wanted a tour! He loved the Oliver! They are ready for a new travel trailer, so I hope they choose an Oliver! The campgound spaces were large and like having our own patio, with a fire ring, grill, lantern hook and picnic table ! We had a view of the lake, but it doesn't show up in the photo. We stayed 3 nights and thoroughly enjoyed it! Very clean park with great restrooms and showers and a great playground for the kids!

Pete and Oscar

I have to show you Pete's new truck tags! He just retired from the Border Patrol in Texas... Take a look! Oscar on the left, Pete on the right! :-)

Pete and Chuck had decided that since Pete was headed back to Texas and we were headed to the Fiberglass Egg Rver II rally in Van Buren Arkansas that we would caravan west the first day. Oliver was finished with Pete's trailer several hours before they finished with our trailer so Pete got a headsteart and left early. We all met at the Interstate 40 on ramp a few hours laterand decided to stay at a campground listed in Woodall's just several exits away in the ugliest RV park I have ever seen! Jackson RV Park in Jackson TN! Pete is standing in his campsite! It was nothing more than one strip of asphalt, divided into about 15 pull through sites with full hook-ups and the roar of the traffic on the nearby interstate! $22 per night! We were soooo tired we just sais the heck with it and took the last 2 of 3 slots remaining. We got up early the next morning and said goodbye to Pete as he turned SW and we headed west on I-40 towards Van Buren.

Oliver Factory

When Chuck and I left on Sept. 1st, we headed up to Hohenwald TN to get some tweaking done to Chuck's Oliver Travel trailer. While we were there Pete (from TX) with his wonder dog Oscar arrived to get a small repair on his Oliver trailer and the next day Sherry and Paul (from Tampa Bay) arrived to get the solar panels installed in their Oliver! It turned into a party that drifted downtown to the best secret in TN, the Junkyard restaurant! MMMMmmmmm Yummy steaks!

Shown here, L-R, Chuck and Geri, Robert Partee (Oliver Sales Manager), Paul and Sherry and Pete! We are inside the Oliver factory here and that's our rig behind us!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our new blog

Ok, we have never blogged before. However, to show that us old dogs can learn new tricks, we are going to try this option. This way we will be able to share our photos and our news with all of you as it happens. You can save our blog on your desktop (like I have for Mesa's family and Pete and Oscar the smiley dog!), and just check in with us when you have the time.

Right now we are in Hattiesburg, Mississippi waiting fir a call from the Chevy dealer saying that the catalytic converter has been replaced and we can head our way home! I'm so glad that was still under warranty! Whew!

We should be home in Eastpoint by Thursday, long enough to shower, wash clothes and head out again! I have to go down to Dade City to see my doctorand we hope to meet up with Sherry and Paul at the Withlachoochee River Park there for at least one night, and maybe my cousin Diane and her husband Robert can come up too! We will visit Chuck's niece Dawn and family near Leesburg either on the way down or on the way back. Her husband Dan located a cool metal dectector for us! When we get back fron Central Florida, we repack and head out for California!

We will keep you posted!