Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stormy Tetons

Last night, 8-27-2010, everything had a golden glow to it. The sky to the east was black and threatening.
The sky to the west was aglow with a brilliant sunset.
The light was changing with every frame I shot!
I just wanted to share the images of this storm with you.
To the west, the sun was setting!

That setting sun set the trees to a shimmering gold

The Teton Mountains to the East were shrouded
on stormy clouds and rain!

The wheat in the field became a shimmering gold

Some of that gold light lit up areas on the closest mountains.

A man walking his dog enjoying the sunset! 

Then the light glow took on a pinkish
glow when the rainbow appeared

The clouds over this nice log home on the hill took on a threatening look! But here, in Tetonia Idaho, we got very little wind or rain. It was forecast severe thunderstorms for last night. The Tetons got all the storms! Woke up this morning and the mountains were still hiding behind black stormy clouds. We have had some intermittent rain and splashes of sunshine all morning. Still a 50% chance of rain forecast for today and tomorrow because of the cold front moving through. It was 52 degrees when I walked the dogs at 7 am!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

South Fork Road, Cody WY

August 23, 2010

Monday, we took a drive down South Fork Road.
Approximately 20 miles paved, 10 miles dirt.
This road follows the south fork of the
Shoshone River. What a beautiful drive.
We went Sunday with Paul and Diane, but it was rainy and overcast all day, so Chuck and I went back on Monday (with better light) to take pictures.
I'm not gonna say much here, what can I say?
It was a beautiful drive. Cody WY is amazing! 

People out here have herds of horses,
not just one or two! Beautiful!

Mom! There's a big truck coming!

Mom watching her fawn run across the road

2 Pronghorn Antelope

Just layer upon layer of blue mountains...

We didn't see any grizzly bears, thankfully!

sage brush

rolled bales of hay

Road winding into the layers of blue mountains!

nice ranch

Castle Rock

Just out touring... nice old car

Shoshone River

Would have loved to have seen some bighorn sheep!

End of the trail! South Fork Road ends here.
It is a beautiful and fun trip! Lots of wildlife!
Chuck and I appreciate Paul and Diane and thank them for showing us this special road!
We  hope you enjoyed it too!
Chuck and I plan to come back to Cody WY next summer to workamp. It's beautiful around here!
This morning Aug 27th finds me watching the sun struggling to rise over the very TALL Teton Mountains!
We are now in Tetonia Idaho!Remember, not all who wander are lost!

From the crew of The MotherShip, Geri and Chuck and their Hound Herd: Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yellowstone !!!

Yellowstone 101!
August 20, 2010
Paul and Diane have workamped in Yellowstone 5 summers! They took us on a "highlights" tour that was amazing! Hope you enjoy it!

The road from Cody WY to Yellowstone begins with a tunnel!

The entrance to Yellowstone. Yes, I have gained some of my weight back since the surgery, but I feel great! Ignore the belly fat please! haha!

Strange rock formations abound!

So do Bison! They are HUGE!

The bison get in the middle of the road...
bigger than cars!

Grazing in the sage brush!

Controlling traffic by making everyone drive slow!

I didn't have my monopod with me, so this image isn't as sharp as it could be! But this is a family of Osprey on this rock top! Mom, dad and 2 or 3 babies in the stick nest!

This was taken just a few yards from the osprey nest.
This image and the next are two of my favorites! A tree growing out of sheer rock!

More bison near the river!

Chuck and Geri near the falls!

One thing you notice in Yellowstone is the trees!
Burned in one of the many Yellowstone fires, they remain standing, charred and dead. They are not allowed to cut them down.

Lake Yellowstone is HUGE! Here you can see where the lake stopped the fire!
Charred trees right up to the edge!

Yellowstone has colorful prairies!

This is a mud pot about to erupt!

Here comes the steam!

Here comes the water!

Jewel Geyser

We made it to the Continental divide!
(Ignore tummy roll!) It's great having Paul and Diane with us, Paul takes pictures of us together!

Small eruptions occur on the side of the road!

Some were just steam pots!

Some ponds were the most amazing blue colors with
a rainbow of colors crusted all around them

These were taken in the Biscuit Basin part
of Yellowstone.

This is Sapphire Pool!

The falls we saw were magnificent!

The colors of Yellowstone were just amazing!
It became easy to take abstract photography
with all the colors offered!

Thanks to our friends, Paul and Diane Thibodeaux for being our tour guides and for taking our photos of us together! We had a wonderful fun day thanks to you two! Just saying thank you isn't enough!