Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where Are Geri and Chuck ???

We are home in Truth or Consequences NM!

We left City of Rocks State Park and arrived home the first of December!

We both immediately got into the swing of things by jumping in the wonderful hot springs located at River Bend Hot Springs and soaked about an hour!

Then we had to catch up with the locals by catching a stomach virus! Yuck! The less said the better!

Scotty, our Grandpa dog.

Just before Christmas, our Grandpa dog Scotty started walking with his left front paw curled under! Panic! We went right to the Veterinarian and she had to tell us the sad news that Scotty had bone cancer.
We got some pain pills for him, but we could see it was time to let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge and join The Midget and Bobby and live pain free.
So 2 days after Christmas, we said our goodbyes. We stayed with him, petting him and letting him know how much we loved him and enjoyed having him in our HoundHerd family as he crossed over. Scotty had lived a long, 17 years old, happy life!

Scotty, Bobby and the Midget, the first members of The HoundHerd!

Then, right after 2013 snuck in, Chuck and I came down with Bronchitis!  We finally gave up and went to the doc's and got 2 shots in our butt and began to feel better! But it took a full 6 weeks to acknowledge that our energy was back and we were finally healed.
During this whole time, we were so consumed by illness, canine and human, that the MotherShip was docked across the street still packed and needed a good cleaning!

Somehow, the thoughts of no more workamping wandered into our brains. We have seriously been considering selling the MotherShip and going to something smaller since we wouldn't be living in her full time for 6-10 months every year. Now we have been considering another option.  Keeping the MotherShip and selling our place here in NM so we can move back to Florida and be nearer to our friends, family and watch the grandkids grow up! Which means living in the MotherShip full time!
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We will let you know as soon as we know!