Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rodeo Time

Fiesta Time in Sierra County!
Barrel Racing
Every year as Spring introduces herself to a grateful world ready to say goodbye to winter, Sierra County New Mexico begins with Fiesta Days celebrations. This means parades, art shows, rodeos and mostly good times for all!  Chuck and I love the rodeos!  This is a High School Rodeo Association rodeo and WOW! these kids were in it to win it! The horses were all well groomed and ready to rodeo! Small town rodeos are so much more fun that the big fancy professional rodeos.

More barrel racing with both the rider and the horse showing they know their jobs!

Calf Roping

Calf Tossing? I think the calf lost this round!

This calf got away!

Break-Away Roping
The young ladies use a break-away rope, once the 
calf is roped properly, the rope breaks away. Ladies do not toss calves to the ground!

Bucking Broncs

These young men know how to hang on!

And some men know how to fall with grace!

Well, not so much grace here, but certainly flair! Happy to say fun was had by all and no one was seriously hurt, maybe just a dose of injured pride here and there but nothing serious!

My favorite cowboy, Chuck!
Behind Chuck on the right is The MotherShip, our home on wheels!  She is getting a yearly check up and new tires. We will be taking off in two weeks for Bluff Utah and hopefully meeting with  !  Chuck and Sue have never been to Mesa Verde and I have been there several times. I will dogsit for all the canines and Chuck and Sue will spend the day exploring Mesa Verde! From there we may take a quick run up to another favorite place of ours, Torrey Utah! Our friends from Florida, Paul and Diane are workamping there!
Meanwhile, we are still sorting, still packing, still selling and still preparing for fulltime life on the road aboard The MotherShip with our canine kids Radar and DoogieBowser! 

If you enjoy photographs of small town rodeo's, here is a link to a very small town rodeo that was a lot of fun. We saw this rodeo in Duboise Idaho and it was a family style rodeo sponsored as a benefit for 2 young ladies who died in a car wreck coming home from a rodeo they rode in.

That's all for now from the crew of The MotherShip!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chuck and Geri are moving to Florida!

After much discussion, Chuck and I have decided to move back to Florida. We have a wonderful daughter and son in law and four wonderful grandkids living there. Family is important!
So is good seafood! All they have out here is frozen seafood, and it just does not taste anywhere near as good fresh Gulf of Mexico, Franklin County Seafood! Yum! Looking forward to fresh shrimp, oysters, grouper, scallops and flounder!
We already have a buyer so that detail is taken care of, now we are busy sorting, discarding, donating and packing!  But today, Chuck finally got busy removing the 2 sharp, spiny Cacti growing out of the gutter.
These 2 have the longest, sharpest spines we had ever seen on any cacti!  Chuck needed to take extra care removing them!

He was lucky, not a single scratch!Both cacti are now safely planted!  We have been trying to clean up and get ready for the new buyer to take over.  There are many things we will miss about living here, we really like this quirky little town of Truth or Consequences New Mexico.  We will miss seeing landscapes of blue mountains in the horizons, we love the scenery out here! But to be truthful, I think we have better Mexican restaurants in Florida! I have never gotten used to flat enchiladas served with a fried egg on top!
This is a South West Bird of Paradise  that I started from seed last year!  I started with about 6 seeds and only this one sprouted! The South West version of the Bird of Paradise is very different from the tropical variety!

After getting the cacti down from the gutter, Chuck rakes the gravel with his fancy folding gravel rake.

Not to be outdone, I planted 2 varieties of lavender in the big pots. They grow well here, surviving the dry climate and the winter frosts and they smaell so beautiful! By this time next year, both pots of lavender should fill these large pots and probably be overflowing!  I hope the new owner will like lavender!
We will be heading back to Florida around July. We will just sort of meander our way there as there are a lot of friends to visit along the way and some favorite stops to hang out for a few days.  We are in no hurry to arrive in Florida mid-summer!
Wish us well!  We are looking forward to the new adventure of being full-timers (living in our RV full-time) and not being tied down with "stuff". Chuck is so lucky...  he cast off most of his extra "stuff" before we met! Me, on the other hand, I am sooooo attached to the things I have collected over the years! I have family heirlooms that Chuck's daughter has graciously accepted for her home. But I have so much art! I have been collecting SW art for over 30 years! Kachinas, pottery, Navajo rugs, photography.. oh my!  But the local art gallery is having a special show of sorts, everyone can bring their own art or can, like me, sell the art that has been collected over the years. The sale at Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery will be May 3rd and 4th!  This should be the best way to find good homes for my art.
I hear other folks talking about how hard it was getting rid of their "stuff" to, but after it was all over, they survived and felt lighter, more free than before.
I am hoping for that feeling soon, right now, it is painful! I am so glad Chuck is so understanding about it all and helping me through this! I have been procrastinating, just because it is so hard for me to do.  If any of you have advice.... I'm needing it!
Happy Trails from the crew of the MotherShip, Geri, Chuck, DoogieBowser and Radar!