Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lee's Ferry AZ

Lee's Ferry
is one of those places off the tourist map.
This link
 will tell you more about this area than I can.
I fell in love with the whimsical rock
formations and the history 30+ years ago.

We left Lake Powell and took a day trip to
Lee's Ferry, near Marble Canyon.
Beautiful rock formations greet you at the entrance

It had rained hard the night before, giving
us muddy roads and amazing colors!

Wet rocks are much more colorful than dry rocks

Many Colorado River trips begin here!
There is also a nice campground available,
boondocking only.

The weird rocks are everywhere!

So are the pretty colorful ones

There are several balancing rocks like
this one all around Lee's Ferry.
It's hard to imagine the
size of these rocks

Until you see Chuck under one of them!

Or me !

There is an area strewn with these oddball
rock formations on the way to the river

This sign explains how this happened.
You can click onto the photo to enlarge it.

Chuck and I enjoy travelling the roads less travelled!

This will be the last blog for a month or two.
We are heading back to Florida,
we will post a few blogs from there
as we intend to camp at several of Florida's
beautiful state parks.
We sincerely hope you have enjoyed riding
along with us, road tripping the real America! As Sandy said, "I feel like I have been hiding in your closet!"
We have had a ball this summer!
We both saw places we have never been before!

We love America and we would like to urge you
to get out and vote, take America back!
Happy Trails from The MotherShip and Crew!!
Geri, Chuck, Scotty and Doogie Bowser

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lake Powell and Around Page AZ

Lake Powell AZ
and surrounding area
Oct 2010

While camped at Lake Powell we
camped at Wahweap Campground

The view out the front door of the
MotherShip was gorgeous! That rock
is the same one seen in the previous
blog at sunset! It changes colors all day!
This was taken early morning after
a night of rock 'em sock 'em

By noon, color had returned to the rock
and to the skies.

Sunset reflected off the rock!

Road tripping around Page AZ
beauty all around!

The rock formations are huge
and curiously shaped

That dark blue stripe at the top of the
photo is the Colorado River. It forms
Lake Powell behind the dam.

More beauty. The night rains just
intensified all the colors!

Horses wandering on the Navajo Rez.
They have right of way on all highways!

Seeing this semi-truck beneath the
towering rocks give you and idea
of how large the rocks really are!
That small yellow sign behind the truck
informs of a runaway ramp ahead

because we are about to go down a very
steep hill! That little white stripe across
the top is the lower 1/2 of the highway
we are on! eeeeek!
A very long way down!

Once safely down, we encounter more
horses open range!

Another tourist enjoying the sights!

More horses

Back at Lake Powell
The landscape is other worldly!

In fact, the movie "Planet of the Apes"
was filmed around here!

The water is a very dark blue because
it is so deep! These were once
beautiful canyon lands!

If you get a chance read "The Monkey
Wrench Gang" by Edward Abbey.
Interesting story about the making of
Lake Powell.

Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell is
packed! You can rent everything here
from personal water craft to house boats
with helipads!

As I mentioned in the previous blog,
we are currently at our home in
Truth or Consequences NM.
I have one more blog to finish all
photos taken around Lee's Ferry AZ.
We head for FL in 2 more days so
Lee's Ferry will be the last blog for
this amazing journey that we have been
travelling this summer.

Happy Trails!
We love you all!
Geri, Chuck and our furkids
Scotty and DoogieBowser

Sunday, October 24, 2010

On the road to Lake Powell

Road Tripping from
Monument Valley Utah to
Lake Powell AZ
Oct 10. 2010

When we left Monument Valley, the skies were
drizzling a misty rain. But wet rocks
show a lot more color than dry rocks!

Colors were everywhere, except the sky!

The sky was heavy with gray clouds
just bursting with rain

It didn't take long before the skies opened up
and we were battling rain and wind!

Finally the rain eased up. On the
Navajo/Dineh rez horses, sheep,
goats all have the right
of way!  Be alert when you drive!

Finally we saw a few spots of sunshine!

Beautiful rock formations!

Clouds drifting between the mountains.

Finally we arrived at the Wahweep Marina
Campground in Page AZ at sunset!

And sunset gave us a beautiful rainbow!

The storm clouds began to clear

We had a great campsite with
a great view of Lake Powell.

This was taken looking out of our
front door of the MotherShip!

Sunset on the lake!

Chuck and I are now at our home in
 Truth or Consequences NM.
We will leave here in a few days to head
back to Florida for the winter.
I have one more post of
Lake Powell and Lee's Ferry to
put together. See you then!
Happy Trails!
Geri & Chuck with our furkids
Scotty and DoogieBowser!