Monday, July 30, 2012

Chillin' in Hurricane Utah

We have been in a very nice campground in Hurricane Utah, Willowinds RV Park. Very nice with grass, trees and moderately priced. One we can recommend for RV'ers.  We came here for repairs to The MotherShip, our 5th wheel RV and Nielson RV was basically across the road.  Bryce, our mechanic did a great job!

The doggies needed a bath and a haircut!
Chuck clipped DoogieBowser...

and I clipped Radar! Both dogs are very easy
to clip, they were ready to get all that long hair off
at 110 degrees outside!

DoogieBowser guards my sandal after his haircut. We need to trim his top a bit more.

Radar looks much thinner too but mmmm, those EARS!

Grandpa Dog Scotty at 17 years old just got a good bath and brushing!

 After making the HoundHerd all handsome with new hairdo's, I decided it was Chuck's turn!
Just a few more inches and he will cut his hair,
donating it to wigs for cancer survivors.

One of our blogging buddies, Gaelyn from came for a visit.  Gaelyn works as a ranger at Grand Canyon National Park, north rim about 80 miles from here.  We will be visiting her the weekend of August 10th. Native American Heritage happening that weekend.

The day The MotherShip went in for repairs, Chuck and I headed up Kolob Reservior Road with the HoundHerd looking for a cool place to spend the day.
It is 20 degrees cooler up here than down in Hurricane!

20 degrees cooler and drop dead gorgeous! Slickrock formations on the way....

This road is the western end of Zion National Park and it is beautiful!

Nice place for a ranch huh ???

Monsoon season is here bringing the temperature down and refreshing rains!

We are going to chill here until we leave to go visit Gaelyn at the North Rim.
We are paid up until Aug. 10th, and we are in no hurry. Hurricane works for us!
After we leave Gaelyn and the Grand Canyon behind, we head for more of our favorite Utah places,
Panguitch,Torrey, Bluff and Monument Valley!  YaY!
Then Canyon de Chelly and head on home to New Mexico!  You are welcome to come aboard The MotherShip and hit the backroads with us via the blog! 
Happy Trails from Geri, Chuck and the HoundHerd!