Saturday, April 12, 2014

Settling in at Myakka River State Park

First thing I want to do is thank the company that made our wonderful MotherShip, Evergreen Recreational Vehicles !  Just before we began our job here at Myakka, our slide got stuck in the out position and would not come in !  We called Randy, our friend and owner of Nature Coast RV where we bought the Mothership! Randy called Tony Chupp of Evergreen for their assistance in repairing our Schwintek Lippaert slide system problem. Problem solved and we are now very happy campers! 


                   CLEANING CABINS

Okay, I have to be honest here!  Cabin Cleaning isn’t always fun, but there are perks!   Most folks are actually quite clean and leave the cabins like they found them!  Some folks don’t!  But all and all, Chuck and I like it here very much.

cabin 040

The cabins were made by the C.C.C. in the 1930’s and built with palm logs that have turned out to be bug and rot resistant.

cabin 041

The cabins come with a kitchen with a stove, microwave and fridge. Cooking utensils and plates and silverware are also supplied!

cabin 043

A fireplace in each of the 5 cabins for those cool nights!

cabin 049

Each cabin has a very private back yard complete with fire ring, BBQ, and picnic table and a very cool back porch looking out on the florida wilderness.

Last week was a very slow week for us, we only had to work 2 days out of the scheduled 4 because there were no scheduled check-outs! How is that for an unexpected perk???
Two extra days off of sunny yet fairly cool weather! Highs are beginning to get up into the low 80’s now but nights are great in the low 60’s!
We love all the wildlife here at this park!

                    MYAKKA WILD LIFE

Lots of alligators and vultures here for sure, but we also have baby owls!
baby myakka owl 2 em 032
This baby has already left the nest and poses on a nearby limb!
baby myakka owl em 016
This baby is still thinking about leaving the nest….
mama myakka owl 005

And Mama Owl is ready to clean house, but she keeps a watchful eye on both her babies!

Cecil Talipia 001

Our friend Cecil catches a nice big tilapia from the nearby lake!

squirrel wildlife 012

A squirrel finds the orange 1/2 I left out hoping  attract hummingbirds, to my fancy home made feeder… not squirrels!
squirrel wildlife 011
Squirrel friend looks down, hoping the other guy will share his orange!
We have seen a family of Bob White Quail here, a fox and several deer in the pasture out behind us. Also a Pileated Woodpecker makes regular trips to our camp, but by the time I grab my camera, he is gone!

sandhill crane babies 023

Yesterday, on my way to Publix Grocery I passed a Momma Sand Hill Crane and her 2 yellow babies!

yellow rat snake 037

Last week, as we were headed to clean a cabin in our golf cart, I noticed a LONG yellow rat snake wound around a tree branch. Below for a close up!

Yello rat snake 34

This snake was probably a good 4 to 5 feet long and very skinny, probably just woke up from hibernation.


We have also been enjoying being near our family. Chuck’s daughter Glorianne and her husband Chaz are just 30 minutes away up in Bradenton!


Last Tuesday we went to see our oldest grandson Kyle inducted into the National Honor Society.

Kyle and Ryan 002
Kyle with his brother Ryan!

Annesley and Aubrey 018
Their two little sisters, Aubrey and Annesley! Already Diva’s! Notice the princess 
crowns ??? mmmm  These two girls are gonna keep their daddy busy!

Radar and Doogie
Radar and DoogieBowser are our two wild animals!  LOL!
Last week we drove all the way to Arcadia FL to eat some of the best Mexican food I have ever put into my mouth!

Bill and Jill 005
Our friends, Jill and Bill, went with us and agreed…. GOOD EATS!
La Piratea 003

shrimp ranchero 006

I had Shrimp Ranchero   YUM! We all just sorta waddled out of there, full and happy!  El Pirata on highway 70 east end of Arcadia is worth a visit! We drove over 30 miles to get there! YUM !

We have had a very busy month!  We really do love being here and are beginning to think that this might be our best gig yet! We love workamping/volunteering! Volunteering at our state parks really helps keep these parks open and running smoothly! Rangers are so busy managing wildlife, and doing control burns, that they just simply don’t have the time or the resources to do all that is necessary to keep the parks open! We are also happy to have wonderful support from the Friends of Myakka State Park. They raise money and donate our trucks, our firefighting equipment and even our uniforms! Donations appreciated! Please make checks out to: Friends of Myakka River State Park and send to: 13208 State Road 72, Sarasota, FL 34241  Thanks for your generosity!

We lost a lot of our volunteers April 1st as they left to head home where hopefully the snow has melted and spring has begun! We now have some new volunteers that have arrived to fill those places. 

If you have never considered volunteering at your favorite state park or Army Corps or Engineers (COE) parks, maybe you should. Most only request a 2 month commitment and in return you get a free campsite with FHU and a fun place to explore!
We hope you enjoyed this visit to Myakka River State Park and with the MotherShip crew! We have enjoyed showing you our corner of the world!

Please feel free to leave a comment!  We love hearing from you!

Geri, Chuck, DoogieBowser and Radar!