Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunset on Turtleback Mountain

We had a mass of rain clouds pass by today, no rain, but it cooled the air considerably! Welcome clouds to be sure. Then as the sun began it's climb down out of the sky, the mountains lit up! They became colorful and alive in the new light. This is Turtleback Mountain. If you look hard at the rock formation on the top right of the ridge you can see the shape of the turtle's body facing left with one leg draped over a ridge and the hump of the shell as the highest point in the photo. See it yet?

I highlighted it here for you, hoping to show it to you in better detail. The Apache named this unusual formation long ago. This formation can be seen from miles away and the Native Americans knew that at the bottom of this mountain were the healing hot mineral waters that healed the body and the spirit. The waters below Turtle Mountain were so sacred that no fighting was allowed here, yet often, warring tribes met here to soak.
The waters from the springs flow into the Rio Grand River, that flows past Turtle Mountain.

This is where Chuck and I find ourselves, camped near these beautiful hot springs under the beautiful Turtleback Mountain

at River Bend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences NM. We are indeed blessed!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Colors of Truth or Consequences NM

Nestled in the desert, Truth or Consequences has brought color to the landscape. This is a different kind of photography for me, I just wanted to bring you bits and pieces of Truth or Consequences in kind of abstract color presentation. Hope you like it.

Colors of Dukatt

I mentioned in one of my emails that I have seen more tye dye in the past few weeks than I have in the past 3 decades and it's largely due to this man, Jeff Dukatt, of Truth or Consequences NM. He has been tye dying 15+ years and the man is good! Everything from tye dyed t-shirts, flannel shirts, cowboy shirts, socks, slacks, underwear, dresses, and even sandals!

Jeff Dukatt has a store full of the most colorful tye dye you can imagine! As you can see from the first photo, the store is as colorful from the outside as it is from the inside. His cars and his building is covered with flashy, colorful contact paper!

Tie dye everywhere. His store is located on Third Street (turn at the town's only red light) on the way to Elephant Butte and the dam.

Here are Chuck and I in our new tie dyed shirts created by Jeff.

Hahahaha! Here you can see the wall on the side of his building real good.... B L I N G !

Jeff's car is covered with the same contact paper as his building is. He loves and collects car license plares from all over, so if any of you have extra auto tags sitting around, send them to Dukatt!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mountainborn and Butcherknife in T or C

They did it! Seems the snow is still too deep for Larry and Betty to go to their workamper job in Colorado so they came to visit us in T or C and dry roast in the 90+ degree heat and then soak in the mineral rich hot springs at our workamping job at Riverbend Hot Springs. Photos of the actual soaking will be posted tomorrow as we don't hit the tubs for another 30 minutes or so!

Betty dips her toes into the Rio Grande River! Brrrrrrr COLD!

Here they are.......... everything but the kitchen sink and rocking chair strapped to the top of their jeep, but nothing has fallen off yet!

Betty dipping toes into the Rio Grande River!

Touring the RIO Spa that is a private spa right out over the water.

This is the spa we will be using in about 25 minutes, Tierra! It is anout 103 degrees hot and with the little water fall to run over your neck and shoulders.... mmmmmm relaxing!

This shot shows 2 of the public pools that sit right next to the Rio Grand River.

And finally, many of you have asked to see our non-traditional wedding bands. Mine is made from white opals that are full of fire and color, set in sterling silver. Chuck's is Zuni inlay of turquoise, jet, coral and mother of pearl.

Ok..... time to go soak....... see ya'll later. Sure wish I could bring ya'll to the hot spring spas with us!

5-02-09 Truth or Consequences Rodeo

Chuck and I went to the rodeo last Sunday and had a ball! May 2nd, '09. For a small time rodeo, they put on one heck of a good time! Here are a few sample photos for ya!

Chuck and I are enjoying soaking in the mineral hot springs every night! We are getting spoiled!

This guy lasted the whole ride, he was the only one that did! He beat out all the younger dudes!

Chuck really misses being around horses, so rodeo is good therapy for him!

OUCH! Poor little steer!

First ya rope 'em, then you jump off your horse and then you wrestle them to the ground! Maybe!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site 4-25-09

We arrived at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site on Friday afternoon. It was a very windy day! All morning Chuck drove against the wind from Artesia NM through the mountains. We ate lunch at Cloudcroft NM at a great little BBQ place on the highway downtown!

I couldn't remember if there was a real campground there or not. I'm pretty sure there wasn't when Linda Hughes and I first visited Three Rivers about 30 years ago. When Mom and I visited about 20 years ago, we dry camped.

but now they have a nice campground, 2 sites with warer and electric and several for dry camping (or boondocking). After Chuck and I got the last water & elec. campsite for $5 , we started up the hill to the rocks. In the photo below, you can see the Oliver under the white arrow from one of the petroglyph rocks areas.

There are rocks everywhere with all kinds of drawings on them! So many, it takes a pair of good legs and the better part of a day to explore the whole 2.5 mile hike!

The NM desert vistas are beautiful from up here! The photo below is the same as the one above, just closer up so you can see the details.

Chuck and I intend to go back and visit here again. It was so windy the day we were there,that we only did about 1/2 of the hike because it felt like we were gonna be blown off the cliffs if we didn't get off!

Three Rivers, NM

There's not much in Three Rivers NM except tons of history..........

A great Trading Post filled with the most amazing art! Wonderful store....... Chuck and I bought our wedding bands there (non-traditional of course)!

The lady who runs this Trading Post is so much fun and interesting to talk to. Her name is: Sue Tassinari! We had a great time just talking to her and looking at all the interesting things she has in her store! Worth the stop just to visit with Sue! But this stop is also the entrance to the
Three Rivers Petroglyphs area!

Make sure you tell Sue that Geri and Chuck said hello!!!