Monday, December 16, 2013

Loving it at :-) Myakka River State Park !

MS at Myakka  010
Chuck quickly backed into our beautiful, canopied campsite at the Big Flats campground at Myakka River State Park, east of Sarasota Florida. Huge old oaks, towering pines and drapery of spanish moss welcomed us!
MS at Myakka  030
With the camo color of The MotherShip, we blend right into the background!

Myakka back window 024
Looking out our back window, all we see are more palms and the wide open Florida prairie where the deer and the wild pigs entertain daily!

Myakka Doogie 026
DoogieBowser makes himself comfey! Later, Radar grabs Doogie’s perch!
Radar 002

Myakka Mercadez 032
Camped near us was this cool RV with an even cooler car tag “R RDTRIP”
And even cooler was their towed car and the car tag it wears!
smart car 031

Myakka River SP 012
Early morning starts gently at our campground, slivers of sunshine invading the wild woods.

palm trail 016                      Spanish Moss 007
Wild towering palms and draperies of spanish moss catching the sun!
canopy rd 028
Canopied roads, ancient oak trees reaching out across the road ways to touch it’s neighbor on the opposite side providing shade for all.
eagle  056
Our first day there, Chuck saw this bald eagle. Of course I had my wide angle lens on and had to crop like crazy to get any sort of photo at all…. 
 G blue 007
Great Blue Heron looking for lunch. Myakka River State Park is teeming with wildlife. Grab your camera and your longest lens and you will not be disappointed!
gator spoonbill  026
Alligator swimming towards a Roseate Spoonbill, a Snowy Egret and a couple of Cormorants. Below, the spoonbill decides to leave the alligator and heads to the resting area of several wood stork.
spoonbill and wood storksr 2 029

kyakers 037
Kayaking is popular here as well as canoeing.
tri color heron 004
Not sure, but the heron above is probably a Little Blue or maybe a Tri-colored.

gator 038
Just another Gator peeking up out of the water……
Myakka air plants121
The trees at Myakka are loaded with air plants! Everything from Resurrection Fern to Bromeliads thrive here!
Myakka Amish 102
Airboat tours are available and these ladies have a front row seat!
Myakka Vultures  010
Vultures! Lots and lots of vultures! Tis the mating season and they gather in warm sunny Florida to find their love life high in the skies….   and next to some not so prudent tent campers who left their snacks out on their picnic table , below.
Myakka tent vultures 001

Myakka big gator 021
More vultures and alligators!  Look at that big boy’s tooth…..  
Myakka gator 049

Myakka canopy trail 011
This is the beginning of the Canopy Trail. It will take you back to the tall tower below and a suspension bridge taking you from one tower to another.
Myakka tower 145
Since I do not do stairs well, and these towers meant a lot of stairs, I handed Chuck the camera and up he went.
Myakka tower view 126
At the top of the tower, you get a full 360 degree view of Myakka River State Park.
Myakka tower view 128

  Two views of the suspension bridge  .                          Myakka swinging walkway 123
Myakka swing trees140
Myakka Anhinga 3 068
Anhinga, also known as the “snakebird” because it swims below the water with only its head and long slender neck above water.
Myakka blue heron 103
Great Blue Heron
Myakka osprey 152
Osprey sitting in a pine. Just moments before, I saw this bird in the sky and purposely bumping into a vulture making it tumble a bit. After the hit, the osprey gave a loud victory call, bragging to the world!
Myakka woodstorks 158
Wood storks resting by the waters edge.
Myakka talipia 077
Fishing is good from the bridge! These folks are using cast nets to catch tilapia.
Tilapia are non-native and  considered an invasive species of fish. Myakka will allow you to keep all the non-native fish, but you must return all native fish to the water!
Myakka talipai 080

Myakka talipia 075

 Myakka deer 085
Another deer taking a break in the shade.
The end to another wonderful day at Myakka River State Park! Chuck and I love Florida State Parks so much, we have decided we would like to volunteer here.  We got a contact name and number and called and left a phone message expressing our interest in  becoming volunteers at Myakka. That was Friday afternoon, and by golly, this morning we got a return phone call and seems like we may have a very good chance of working here this spring for a few months! YaY!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Myakka Sunset  008
From the crew of the MotherShip, Chuck, Geri and our furkids DoogieBowser and Radar, we hope you enjoyed seeing this wonderful Florida park with us!
We are now camped at Highlands Hammock State Park near Sebring FL. Another jewel in the Florida State Parks Crown!

christmas hug

Monday, December 9, 2013



pods 008
pods 010
The garage was full!  The house was full…  boxes everywhere!kitchen dining 018
Kitchen, Dining, Living room…………
Living room 016   
            livingroom 019

Chuck’s daughter, Glorianne !
Glorianne  014
Chuck slinging paint!Chuck  022
Chaz doing electrical…
Chaz 021
Chuck installing vents
Chuck 015
We actually lucked out….  by the time we got here, all the ceilings were painted, the floors upstairs replaced and bedrooms repainted. Basically we moved boxes around and painted the laundry room.  I haven’t been much help, a bit under the weather. Chuck has been working hard though, helping where needed!
Glorianne and Chaz still have many, many, many more boxes to sort through and unpack! This isn’t gonna be the quick weekend move, not with 4 kids and all their gear to move as well!  The kids have been a big help. Yesterday, the pods were all empty and taken away! All the boxes in the pods are now in the garage to be sorted and unpacked!

We are staying in a very crowded RV park just a few miles from their home.
Horseshoe Cove is full of snowbirds, here in the 75 degree warmth avoiding the snow storms up north! But the folks here are very nice and friendly.
Tomorrow Chuck and I leave Bradenton, headed to Myakka River State Park for 3 days.
Chuck hopes to come back and help the kids another day or two. From Myakka River State Park, we will head a bit north to Highlands Hammock State Park.
We will come back to Bradenton FL and family for Christmas. 
Love to you all from the crew of The MotherShip, Chuck, Geri and Doogie Bowser and Radar! 
charlie christmas
We say it from The MotherShip to all of you,  MERRY CHRISTMAS!