Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Summer ending

Now that the temperatures have cooled and the leaves are falling off the cottonwood trees, all our friends are beginning to leave Riverbend Hot Springs. The first to leave is Maho! Chuck and I adopted her while she was here!

Maho is a 22 year old economics student from Tokyo Japan. She came to Riverbend as a workamper student about 3 months ago. She quickly won our hearts with her friendly smile and her innocent manner! Everyone at Riverbend loves her!
Meet some of our other co-workers from Riverbend. From left is Colleen, a friend of John's, then we have John, Dale, wife of Roger Massager and Roger Massager. Both Dale and Roger are massage therapists at Riverbend.

Maho enjoying Tecate, a Mexican beer that Maho says tastes a lot like Sapporo, a Japanese beer.

Doc got Maho a great chocolate ice cream cake! John is helping her get it out of the box! Maho loves ice cream as it isn't as popular in Japan as it is here!

Maho and her ice cream cake. It says, "Maho we will miss you" and we do miss her!

Front row left to right, Chuck, Maho, Geri. Back row our tie dye king Jeff Dukatt and our work buddy John. Jeff Dukatt is responsible for all our tie dye shirts and for all the tie dye in Truth or Consequences NM! Jeff even tie dyed my wedding dress and Chuck's wedding shirt! If any of you need tie dyed clothing to wear to our wedding (a must!) contact me and I'll send you Dukatt's email address or phone number, he will fix you up!

One happy Maho in the shirt Chuck and I got for her as a going away present.

Jake, our boss at Riverbend got Maho a shirt too! Grin........... she will have lots of tie dye shirts!

It says something across the top in Japanese, not sure what! Maho and Jeff Dukatt!

Happy Maho

Happy Keith !!!

John and his friend Colleen.

Jake and Becka ! Jake's mom Sylvia in background.

Me and all my weight loss wrinkles! Hahaha!

Doc, Vanita and Donna.

Doc and Chuck

Chuck, Maho and Geri

Chuck and Jeff Dukatt

Chuck, the back of Dukatt's shirt and Riverbend owner, Lee.

John McDaniels ill be the next to leave in 7 days. He is headed to a new workamper job in San Antonio, Texas.

This is JD. Great friend to all of us at Riverbend. He is a year round worker there.
Chuck and I have about 4 weeks left before we head home to Florida! Hope to see ya'll soon!