Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 10th Lake Greeson at Last!

Early Friday we left the Oliver Factory and Hohenwald TN behind us. A few hours later, Robert called to make sure we were safe! Apparently they experienced hail and tornado warnings just after we left! We drove in stiff headwinds and ran into some rain, but nothing serious!

This is Tali and her dog storm. Tali and Steve are also known as ScubaRX on our Oliver Forums. We arrived at Lake Greeson about 5:30 pm. Can you tell from the way Tali is bundled up that it is very cold here? Brrrrr!

This is Tom and Karen Whaley, also known as Meanderthal on the Oliver Forums. Once again.... can you tell it's cold here????

This is "butcherknife Betty" and her dog Poco all cuddled up by the campfire, the fire helped but whoa it was too cold for me!

Mountainborn, or Larry, knows the best place to keep warm is by the roaring fire.... and why his photo showed up on the top instead of here, I haven't a clue! Maybe he thinks he should have top billing! Hahaha! We are soooo glad to be here!

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