Monday, April 27, 2009

Sitting Bull Falls NM

Sitting Bull Falls is on your NM map, between Carlsbad and Artesia, It is 35 miles off the main road, but the road is paved and in very good condition. The scenery on the way there ranges from high rocky cliffs to wide open grazing fields to smelly natural gas rigs. ( Chuck called the smell Dinosaur Farts!) Actually, that was prolly a pretty accurate description! :-)

When we got to the Falls area, after meeting almost no traffic on this road, imagine our surprise to find 4 very large school buses there full of Indian children. They were having a great time!

We managed to get the 'Burb and trailer parked when one of the buses left after dropping off a load of kids.
The C.C.C. built the picnic areas there in the 40's. I really appreciate how these 15 or so shelters blend into the area background so nicely.

The falls were only dripping when we were there. nothing too spectacular, but still worth seeing! It was just a short walk from the parking lot to the falls. Folks with a Geezer pass get in free. everyone else is $5.

The falls are really quite tall! It's just very hard to see the falling water in the photos, but the kids below are enjoying the water!

You can see the falling water better in this close up image!

Kids swimming!
We left here and spent the night at the Escapee Park in Lakewood NM, just south of Artesia. Artesia was quite interesting. We want to head back there and see more. There were huge bronze sculptures on the streets depicting lives of the old west cowboy! Just unexpected art everywhere. We ate lunch in Cloudcroft and headed down the mountain. We then headed north to Three Rivers NM to visit the petroglyph site and that will be my next blog! See you then! Happy Trails! Geri and Chuck

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