Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carlsbad Caverns

Well, phooey, the photos ended up on top of the text. Well, I'll describe the photos and then you can go down and read the blog.

This is our meeting with our fellow Oliver Travelers, Chris, Cherie, KiKi and Chuck!

I shot all of the Carlsbad Cavern photos with no flash, just using available light to enhance each shot. So that meant having to use my monopod, but I am pleased with the results!

OMG! Look at those old folks! Hahaha! Wrinkles and grey hair make for a real pair! But we love wach other and we are happy, wrinkles and all! GRIN!!!

The park ranger took this photo of us! Hard to get photos of the 2 of us together, but so many of you asked, we just had to comply! We hope you enjoyed the looksee! LOL, ok, now go down and read the blog news!

We spent 3 nights at Carlsbad RV Park Campground, we arrived Tuesday 4-21-09 about 3 pm. We did laundry, didhes and went out to eat and went to bed early. Then we got up early and went to The Pecos River Cafe for breakfast! If any of you ever find yourself in the town f Carlsbad NM, do not miss this eatery! Plenty of room for parking RV's! They only serve breakfast and lunch and it was so good, Chuck and I went there for all 3 breakfast meals! We did Carlsbad in 2 days instead of the one it took in my younger days. We did the natural entrance first which is not to be missed, the wonderful aroma of bat guano will fill your nostrils for the first 30 minutes! I am going to put the Carlsbad photos on my flickr website link because you can access them easier, use the slide show feature etc, etc, etc. I can only upload 3-4 photos at a time on the blog and they ae so small 7you can't see the details very well. So this is the link to my flickr photos:

Let me explain, I did not use a flash. There is plenty of available light down there, but I did have to use my monopod to keep the camera stable during the longer exposures. There might be a bit of camera shake here and there, but not too bad. Also, I will be adding more photos to that flickr site later tonight and in the next few days so if you are interested, you might want to go back and check in a few days. I have about 7 posted there now. You will also be able to enlarge them on that website for better viewing, which you can't on the blog.
Tonight we are at Three Rivers Petroglyph site..... camping here with our Geezer pass for $5 a night and that includes water and electric! Tomorrow we head out to River Bend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences for our summer jobs! See ya'll later! Happy Trails!

On our last day there, we met up with Cherie and Chris, Oliver Travel Trailer owners like who live in theirs full time. We went out to eat and had a fun time. Now on this post I will finally respond to all of you who want more photos of Chuck and I !!! So you asked for it, here we come!


  1. Way to go you guys ! Good photo of the two of you ! It will be about 350 miles one way from Trujillo Meadows to T or C NM ( the distance between our Summer workamper locations ). We look forward to visiting with you guys again !
    harm & Bett

  2. It was awesome to meet up with you guys in Carlsbad.. and great photography! I think we got many of the same shots the next day :D

    Wishing you both an awesome time in the springs.. and looking forward to keeping tabs on you.

    - Cherie /


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