Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Morning

Tuesday started out wonderful! but by late afternoon, it was apparent that not all was well with The Midget. She became dazed, could hardly walk, she was burning up with fever. She had been having some discharge ever since her last heat and it had gotten worse and worse this past week. Of course all this happened after 5 pm! So yesterday morning Chuck and I went to town and visited Wright Animal Clinic. She still had a fever of 104 degrees. So it must have been a lot higher than that the night before! Seems she is going through doggie menopause and this is not that unusual. She has an infection in her uterus. He gave her two kinds of antibiotics and this morning she is feeling better. Still not quite The Midget, but you can tell she is feeling better.

This morning arrived with a few clouds and raindrops, but it should clear off. Chuck and I were going to leave today but because of The Midget, we decided to stay one more day. This was a very good veterinarian and I want to have him near in case these meds do not work. So we will leave Friday to head for Ardmore OK and then up to Anadarko OK so I can browse thru some of the Native American art galleries and beading supply stores! Next stop will be Quartz Mountain State Park in SW OK. We spent one night there last September and decided we had to go back and visit again when we could stay longer, it is a beautiful park! I'll post some more photo's later. I mainly wanted to tell you about The Midget.

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  1. Tell the Midget we love her and hope she is feeling much better by now. Drive and travel safe and have a wonderful time! Joe and I really enjoyed our trip to Savannah last week. It was beautiful and we really enjoyed good food, good wine and the historic district. saw the Johnny Mercer home, the famous cemetery and many other wonderful places!


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