Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tues. Morning BEAUTIFUL !!!

FINALLY ! We woke up to a beautiful warm morning! The sun is shining! Chuck went out in the boat with the guys to see if there were any catfish to be hauled in. I took the Midget for a walk and found a birdhouse full of panicked, squawking birds flying about and a trio of squirrels playing on the roof and plundering the inside rooms of the birdhouse! It was a comical to see, but the birds probably would not think so!

I loved this old tree! It just had so much personality! Got a few of the panicked birds on the far right limb! You can see the full size of the birdhouse to the right too!
This set the mood for a tranquil morning. The colors, the reflections just begged to be noticed!

I love Lake Greeson! This is one of the best campgrounds I have ever been in! Dogwoods in bloom everywhere! Rolling hills, beautiful lake! I could live here! Ya'll just gotta make time to come visit here!

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