Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally Catfish!

Sunday morning brought heavy clouds, thunder and lightning and eventually rain. Tornado warnings were out and the rain was pouring down. Finally we all crawled out of our Oliver's, said goodbye to Thomas and Katy as they headed home (not yet retired!) and the rest of us formed a caravan behind Mountainborn (Larry) to a great Mexican Restaurant for our Easter Dinner! The food was really great, the conversations were even better! When dinner was over, we noticed the rain had ended. We caravaned home Mountainborn leading, then Chuck and Geri, Steve and Tali and bringing up the rear...... way behind us was Tom and Karen! Tom drives ...... slowly! :-) But later in the afternoon, everybody's appetite returned and the fishing crew returned with a modest catch! It was time to light the fire and cook catfish!

Chuck gives his thumbs up approval of Betty's fried catfish! He has waited 64 years to taste fried catfish, and he started with the best! Betty has cooking catfish down to a fine art!

Betty at work frying catfish in her well equipped camping kitchen! She rolled the catfish in yellow cornmeal and deep fried them to perfection! Thank you Betty!

This is our campsite at Lake Greeson! We are right on the water! This is an Army Corps of Engineers campground and recreation area. Most campsites are about $16 per night unless you have a geezer pass, then you get it for 1/2 price! That includes water and electric hook-ups with 2 dump stations available. Also clean restrooms and nice hot showers! This is my first experience at an Army Corps campground and believe me, it won't be our last! Chuck and I have always been impressed with the wonderful quality of Arkansas campgrounds, State Parks etc. We will definitely keep coming back to explore Arkansas!

This is a view of Lake Greeson. That is Steve and Tali's Outlaw Oliver across the way! As you can see, we all had great campsites here and the lake is beautiful! Steve and Tali left this morning to head back to Mississippi. It was so good to see you again! Good luck Wednesday Steve, our thoughts are with you!
Today is a sky full of dirty clouds, heavy with rain. So far they have just been passing over keeping the rain to themselves. Everybody has gone to town to an Italian Restaurant for lunch. I still have lunch leftover from the Mexican restaurant yesterday so I decided to stay here. eat leftovers and catch up on the blog! So now, if ya'll don't mind, I'm gonna go eat lunch. Chuck and I are having a great time! Happy to be on this journey!

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