Monday, April 20, 2009

Quartz Mountain Nature Park

The Lake at Quartz Mountain is thanks to the dam over the Red River. It is a huge lake, full of these interesting rock formations. The rock is actually granite, with a lot of quartz sparkling in it!

This is Baldy Rock, the only rock in the park that rock climbers can climb! You can't see them from here, but in the next image with my zoom lens you will be able to see two of the climbers.

They look so small against the huge rock that I circled them in red so you could see them!

Chuck and I left Lake Greeson Arkansas on State Road 70West and followed it for 2 days! It brought us within a few miles of Quartz Mountain! It was a wonderful road, mostly single-laned but with wide shoulders and almost no traffic at all. There is some construction around the larger communities where they are widening the road to 4 lanes, but for the majority of the ride on 70 we were doing 65+ miles per hour. Great country views, great small towns with quaint old buildings and good restaurants! We only passed 2 other RV travel trailers the whole road! I was reminded of the saying ScubaRX has on the back of his Oliver, "Not all who wander are lost" and that is how I felt along highway 70 !!! We had a great time! We spent 2 nights at Quartz Mountain and left early this morning. We are now in a FREE campground in the small town of Flordada TX. There is a park that the city provides with free water and electric hookups and a free dump station. It's nothing fancy, but it is free. Tomorrow we head to Carlsbad NM and the KOA campground there. Tomorrow night we will go watch the bats as they exit the cave and then Wed. we will tour Carlsbad Caverns. Chuck has never been there, a first for him and the 3rd time for me. I'm looking forward to it. I'll keep ya'll posted!

Chuck was caught peeking at me from behind a tree! Grin! Ain't he handsome ???


  1. Gehri, you are such a nice lady ! But you can't fool me ! That's a lawn troll peekin' roun' that tree ! He, he, some Rv'ers have pink flamingos they put out when they camp, but I see that you have a lawn troll !

  2. sounds like fun. Too bad you couldn't swing down south a little bit more to get closer to Dallas. C├ęst la vie.



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