Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Evening

Betty and Larry getting their day started!

Camp clothesline, cammo wear

Steam rising off the early morning water
Lake Greeson

The Midget is responding very well to her meds. Busy getting back to her grumpy old self!
We leave tomorrow, and I am so glad I found this spot. It is so beautiful and peaceful here!
Having fresh caught catfish everyday ain't bad either! I just never realized you have to start filleting catfish whole they are still alive! YIKES! When I saw Larry take that knife and slicing into the side of the catfish while it was still flopping around........ freaked me right out! But to be honest, the catfish never acted like he felt the knife, I think being out of water was his main concern. He didn't even fight the knife, just sorta lay down and quit fighting. Guess it's no different than throwing a live lobster or crab into a pot of boiling water.
Larry says it's so the blood doesn't go into the meat of the fish, once the blood gets into the meat, the fish is not edible, tastes very bad. That's also why you hand chickens and pigs and deer upside down when you slaughter them. Let's 'em bleed out! I don't care, it just really freaked me out watching it, I had to turn around and leave! But dang it, they taste so good fried! :-)

Tomorrow we leave here and head onwards to our summer job in NM! We hope to make it to Ardmore OK tomorrow night. As usual, I'll keep ya'll posted! Leaving here will be hard. Met so many new friends, watched people leave everyday and new people arrive. Today Aubrey left (aka Junior Birdman) and a new couple arrived from Missouri with their Casita. Life goes on, I'm sure someone will be here tomorrow to take our place! And dang it, we never did get to play dominoes! :-) But we ate a lot of good catfish!
Bye for now and Happy Trails from The PhunnyPharm!

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