Monday, April 20, 2009

Last catfish supper!

Betty aka "Butcherknife" and Rachel work hard to prepare the last catfish supper that Chuck and I would have a chance to enjoy! There is nothing better than fresh caught catfish cooked in Butcherknife's camp kitchen! YUM! Thanks for all your hard work Betty, feeding all these hungry "city" folk! hahahaha!

Chuck, aka "Tumbleweed", David and Larry aka "Mountainborn"worked hard everyday coming up with solutions to solve the worlds problems!

We left Lake Greeson early Friday morning. (April 17th) We ran into rough winds and torrential rains that cut our planned day of driving short. We pulled into Lake Texohoma OK about 2:30 pm. The strong winds nearly tore the door off the "Burb" when I tried to get out. The rain was cold hard pellets that hit hard and hurt! Chuck still managed to get us all set up at Lake Texohoma State Park on Highway 70. Great campground by the way! Not sure if you can tell from the above photo that Chuck took, but those are huge whitecaps rolling across the lake.!!

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