Monday, August 31, 2009

Our new home!

Oh Boy!

We bought a new home in Truth or Consequences NM! We had been seriously considering buying a 22' Oliver but the Oliver Factory wouldn't commit to selling us one and then we up and found this single wide mobile home on a good sized lot cheaper than the 22' Oliver would have been! It is in great shape right down to the 30 year old shag carpeting! We will still live in FL during the winter, but come out here for the summer months! We will explore the west from here, this will be our home base from April to October. We want to do Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Yellowstone, and lots more! America is a beautiful country and we want to see and enjoy as much as possible before we get too old to drive out of the driveway! One of the other things we like about living here is NO humidity, NO Mosquito's, NO hurricanes, NO tornado's ! We got lotsa rocks for our new hobby here and lotsa places nearby to explore on just daytrippin'! I haven't posted any inside photos yet 'cause we got too much stuff in the way as we are moving out all the previous owners furniture and stuff we don't want or can't use, but I promise soon that I will show you our shag carpeting... green&gold&yellow and dark green shag glory! We got gold satin drapes with gold pompoms hanging off the edges! We got avocado washer, dryer, stove, and fridge......... all of which will be replaces! In fact JD and Chuck just brought in the new gas stove!

this is one of the sheds in our side yard, we got no grass to mow just cacti and firecracker yucca and century plants, ice plants, lantana, and lotsa humming birds and gold finches!

This is what we call the front of the house, the side we enter in and back behind Chuck is the city of T or C (Truth or Consequences). We are high up on a hill, 2 blocks from the hospital and 4 blocks from the firestation.

This will be our new rock shop, where we do our rock work hobby. Now we have a 3 chambered tumbler and a saw and a shaper and a polisher that we need to learn to use!

We will have a barbecue out here one day......... maybe next year when we come back! Ya'll will have to come out to visit us and we will cook ya a steak!

That's Turtleback Mountain out in our front yard scenery! We get great sunsets here!

This is our "back yard" that backs up on an alley! I'm planning on planting lots of lantana between us and the alley! We have met some of our neighbors and they seem very nice!

Another view of our front door.

And a great view of Chuck watching a squirrel run across the front yard! We also have road runners! Beep! Beep!

Another view of the backside and the alley!

And one more view of our house and the 'Burb parked in the driveway! We got it all for less than the 22' Oliver and we are happy with our decision! We just kept waiting for some kind of commitment from Oliver factory and heard nothing encouraging!
So this is it! It has 2 bedrooms! 2 baths! But no room to park a travel trailer! But we have lots of campgrounds around! We hope ya'll will come and visit us when we are out here April to Oct !
Keep in touch and let us know what you think!
Geri and Chuck


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  2. OOOOOOOH! Shag Carpeting! Fits right in with the tie-dyed wedding motif! Congratulations Chuck & Geri, looks like a great place to anchor during the summer months for your western wanderings. :)


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