Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stormy Tetons

Last night, 8-27-2010, everything had a golden glow to it. The sky to the east was black and threatening.
The sky to the west was aglow with a brilliant sunset.
The light was changing with every frame I shot!
I just wanted to share the images of this storm with you.
To the west, the sun was setting!

That setting sun set the trees to a shimmering gold

The Teton Mountains to the East were shrouded
on stormy clouds and rain!

The wheat in the field became a shimmering gold

Some of that gold light lit up areas on the closest mountains.

A man walking his dog enjoying the sunset! 

Then the light glow took on a pinkish
glow when the rainbow appeared

The clouds over this nice log home on the hill took on a threatening look! But here, in Tetonia Idaho, we got very little wind or rain. It was forecast severe thunderstorms for last night. The Tetons got all the storms! Woke up this morning and the mountains were still hiding behind black stormy clouds. We have had some intermittent rain and splashes of sunshine all morning. Still a 50% chance of rain forecast for today and tomorrow because of the cold front moving through. It was 52 degrees when I walked the dogs at 7 am!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. I want to just jump into them and actually see what you are seeing; but, you have done such a fantastic job with catching the glow that I will be happy just looking at them.


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