Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fish Lake Road

We left the 1,000 Lakes Campground
in Torrey Utah with
directions to the Scenic route to Walmart
in Richfield UT. We had no idea what we
were in for! Scenic is an understatement!
Autumn is in full blazing glory on Fish Lake Road! 

Highway 24 headed west out of town.

Just a few miles past the campground,
we found buffalo! Nice surprise!

We made a right turn at Loa and a 
left turn at Fish Lake Road. We saw the first
glimmer of color up in the mountains.

The Fremont River winding all
over this part of Utah.

Colors blazing everywhere!
You can see the beetle damage done
to the pine  trees. Large amount
of dead and dying spruce all over the west.

Aspens, back lit by the sun.

Chuck loves driving up and down
these 10% grade hills!


I love the Quaky Aspen.
The leaves are always fluttering
with the slightest breeze.

But the aspen are so beautiful in autumn!

Fish Lake

Click onto photo to enlarge and read!

Fish Lake

Cattle grazing at Johnson reservoir

That rounded covered wagon is used by
sheep herders in the field.

With this man walking to the aspens,
camera in hand, you get a sense of how tall
the Aspen trees here are!

God and His paintbrush!

In the clusters of aspen, you see many
dying and dead trees.

Click on this sign and you will understand
more about the life cycle of the aspen.

A large stand of dead aspen trees!

We have reached the summit and now to find
the Walmart somewhere below!

I sure hope you enjoyed this trip to  Walmart as much as we did!

Tomorrow we are visiting Escalante Staircase!
See ya'll then!
Geri, Chuck, Scotty and Doogie Bowser!

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