Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Capitol Reef Utah

Capitol Reef Utah
September 29, 2010

Just a cute photo of DoogieBowser!

Capitol Reef is layers of colors
and visual texture everywhere!

Capitol Reef lies between Hanksville
and Torrey Utah on Highway 24.

Well maintained roads that were not
too crowded in late September.
Scenery is spectacular!

There are dirt roads to explore,
if you choose to do so!

There are so many layers of
colors to the Earthmother!

Click on to enlarge these two photos.
They will explain the how and why
of Capitol Reef!

Strange rock formations everywhere!

The rock walls dwarf the motor home
RV ahead of us on the road!

I think this formation was called
The Egyptian Temple

Roads were carved into the rock

More odd colors and shapes

This looks like an amphitheatre

The earth's upwelling is
obvious here

We love the roads less travelled!

There were petroglyphs
You might want to click to enlarge!

My honey's braid is getting long!

We hope you enjoyed the quick road trip
through Capitol Reef!

Happy Trails!
Geri, Chuck, Scotty and DoogieBowser

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  1. Great photo series ! Sorry 'bout the truck's booboo. But if you put them ( trucks ) into enough cool places, they will eventually get a few booboos.


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