Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello From Lake Kissimmee State Park !

Still no new computer.  This one is still isn't working properly! We are currently at Lake Kissimmee State Park, near Lake Wales, Florida. 


Lots of deer photos to show you when I can, white tail deer everywhere here. I was lucky enough to even see a beautiful bald eagle flying above me this morning as Radar and DoogieBowser took me on our early morning walk. Chuck and I went up to the ranger station today and spoke with Andi (sp?) about the possibility of volunteering at this beautiful park.  She needs summer volunteers and she is booked up for volunteers every winter. Too bad. We are pretty booked ourselves. We leave tomorrow to go back to Myakka River State Park to work Sept., Oct., and Nov. and come back to Myakka to work April, May and June, the up to St. George Island where we volunteer August and Sept 2015. 


I apologize for not posting a blog as usual, but until I get a new computer, I am very limited to what I can post.

Our sympathies go out to RVSue who had to say goodbye to Spike, her wonderful canine companion, friend, and a joy to all of us who read her blog.  one of her regular followers said it best, "born a dog died a gentleman."  We all loved Spike as if her were a part of our family. If you have never read Sue's blog, you should, it is the best blog out there!  Just google RVSue and the link to her blog will pop up. Don't cheat yourself, read all the comments too...  she has followers/friends all over the world!

So.....   until I get a new computer....  this may be it for another few weeks!  Hope ya'll with be patient with me and I will try to make it worth your wait when I get going again!  
Love ya'll!  Geri 


  1. When I heard about some campers being struck by lightning in a Florida state park, I thought about you! Not wondering if it was *you* who was hit, but if it was in your park.

  2. We haven't heard anything about that happening! Florida has more than it's share of lightning though!

  3. Dang technology. Hope you get it straightened out. If you can find time between all this working. ;)

  4. Hi, Geri and Chuck!

    I finally moved to a place where I could pick up a strong enough connection to visit your blog. How very nice of you to include a note about Spike's passing and also great compliments about my blog. Thank you.

    I picked up my new computer at UPS today. Haven't opened the box yet, but I'll describe it in a future post. It has Windows 8 on it so it may be a while before I figure out how to use it!

    Enjoy Lake Kissimmee.... Hugs to you and Chuck, Radar and Doogie.


  5. Hi Gaelyn, yes computer problems are a drag..... Beware that there is a new virus that has cloned you virus protectors icon or label and it will pop up saying you need to update and click here. It looked just like the original BUT it was the virus and it wiped out a lot of my stuff, like live writer. They can't seem to get rid of it! Just leaving a kernal of it and it takes over the computer in a matter of hours! Sheeeeeesh! Beware! Using tablet now, sometimes I am able to use computer.

  6. Hi Sue and Bridget! Lake Kissimmee was beautiful... Just 2 days there was 2 short. We would love to be volunteers there. We love Myakka RiverState Park and are happy to be here as volunteers once again!
    We are looking forward to seeing your new camp! Give Bridge an extra hug from us!

  7. I never knew "workamping" in the US.
    Thank you!
    Fuji-maru in Japan

  8. Dear, dear Geri,
    I am so sorry to hear you have left us! May you go with all of the love we have for you. We're keeping all you gave us though! Sending love, hugs and prayers to you, Chuck! I know from reading her blog that you brought so much joy and love to her life. May your happy memories bring you peace. Barb in FL


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