Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On The Road Again!


We finally left Truth or Consequences NM and drove 40 miles to get to our favorite little Ghost Town of Chloride NM!  LOL! Long drive! But what better place to spend Halloween than in a real bona fide
ghost town???
We love any excuse just to go there!
This year we had visitors of the UNghostly kind!
Mule deer! They came up just at dusk every night.
We had two other campers there hunting deer!
But they can shoot only bucks and all they could
find were does! These does were cautious but
not too shy.


We gave you a lot of photos last july when we visited Chloride so I won't do that to you again. If you want more photos you can hunt them up in the July Archives. What I will do is give you a link:

This is a great link all about Chloride NM !!!

After we finally tore ourselves away from Chloride,
we returned to Three Rivers Petroglyph Park.
This is another of our favorite places. We posted about it last year with a lot of photos so this year
I am just gonna give you a few pics and this link that will tell you all about this interesting area!

You can click onto the signs to make them
full sized and readable.

If you want to see more photos you can click onto the post from last year or the link!

Our good friend from Truth or Consequences, the tie dye king! :-) Jeff Dukatt came up with a wonderful logo for TheMotherShip! We put it on while we were camped in Chloride!

We just love the Logo! Thank you Jeff!

Then when we left Three Rivers, we visited a friend
in High Rolls NM. We met her last year at the
Three Rivers Trading Post. Sue now has her own
shop in High Rolls, near Cloudcroft NM. When we
walked in, we passed by this fellow!
He became our alien mascott for the MotherShip! Now we need a name....  any suggestions??

Tonight we are in an Escapee RV park in Lakewood NM. Tomorrow we will finally drive out of NM and enter Texas! Ya'll know how long it takes to get through Texas???  A danged long time!
Especially when you follow the 4-4-2 rule like we do.
4 hours driving or 4 PM or 200 miles, whichever comes first!
That is why we still love travelling! 
We don't push it! We take our time!

Good advice!!!

Happy Trails from The MotherShip!
Geri, Chuck and our furkids
Scotty and DoogieBowser 


  1. how about you call him Chloride Cal? sounds alien-like :)

  2. ~ Sure enjoyed visiting your blog...America's landscape is awesome! I'll be retiring next year and would love to start traveling around the States to see the wonderment, of what is still out there to be rediscovered...Thank You so much for sharing this site with us!
    Regards, Vic & Donna.... ~

  3. Our new mascot's name is "Cosmos", thank you Pat for suggesting it! We love it!

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