Thursday, November 18, 2010

Caverns of Sonora, Sonora TX


  On one of my first trips west travelling
on Interstate 10,I was tired,
it was dark and all I could
see was natural gas fires burning
off in the distance. Finally I
see a sign Caverns of Sonora
campground, next exit!
It is about 8 miles off the interstate,
I was sure I was lost when finally a
small hand painted sign pointed a left
turn to the campground!
This was my 5th visit! I even got to show
these wonderful caverns to my mom
on our trip west!

Caverns of Sonora are very small, intimate
compared to Carlsbad Caverns.

It is very much like walking through
a huge geode!

Only small tours each trip, usually
less than 12 people. The lady in the red shirt on the left was our tour guide. She has been leading tours since she was in high school!

At this point I handed the camera to Chuck!
I had all I could do to hang on to the railing
and climb up and down over 200 steps as we took the two hour tour through these beautiful and unusual caverns! If I can do it with my knees,
you know you can do it too! Worth every step!

If you are the least bit claustrophobic, you might want to stay on top! These caverns are also very warm
the deeper you go. Most caverns I have toured are cold and get colder as you tour down.

This was the pop corn room! Looked like
popped corn on all the walls.

Down more stairs! Everything is so close,
you can touch it all... but please DO NOT TOUCH!

One photographer busy in the crystal room.

Caverns of Sonora should be on your bucket list!
The campgrounds are beautiful, full hook-ups
are $15 a night! Deer wander the campground
at dawn and dusk along with a flock of guinea hens
and one turkey hen who thinks she is guinea!

There is only one pair of peacocks remaining
at the campground. When I first visited here...
I was rudely awakened by the strangling
scream call that passes as peacock talk!
There were maybe 12 peacocks there then.
They can be very loud in the early AM!

Just west of Caverns of Sonora you will see
Ozona Texas on your map with a 1/2 circle
bypass road. On that bypass road is an
amazing restaurant, The Hitching Post!
The best ever chicken fried steaks, or any kind of  steak for that matter! Chuck and I found it by accident last year, this year we made a point of
eating a late lunch there !

It's not fancy. But it's home cookin'
the way we like it!

The Caverns of Sonora.Located 8 miles west of Sonora, Texas off I-10. Information about the show cave, photographs, and tour information. Camping available.

1711 Private Road 4468

Sonora, TX 76950

(325) 387-3105

Open Daily 8am-6pm

Hope you enjoyed the Caverns of Sonora!
Happy Trails from the MotherShip crew:
Geri, Chuck and our Hound Herd, Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar

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