Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leaving Spring Hollow


Spring was arriving one day and cold and windy with rain the next! But the park was open! The first 2 weekends we were full of campers and could take no more. The rains and snow melt were causing rising creeks and more flood warnings! We were still the only campground open in the canyon.

The waterfalls became a loud torrent of water rushing to get down to the river. All of the creeks and streams were full to overflowing. Still, the forest service kept us open and the people filled the park. We started to worry when the rivers were flooding. The only way onto and out of the campground was over a bridge that went over an ever rising Logan River!

 Dandelions were blooming everywhere in brilliant yellows splashing against the greenest of Spring green!

When we first arrived, this road was just sticks, not a leaf to be seen. One month later, fully leaved out !

Even the plant growth around our favorite spring was more lush with each passing day.
 After Chuck cleaned out all of the camp sites and fire pits, we had to collect the unused firewood and either throw it in the dumpster or use it. We had collected quite a pile of good firewood, but it was always rainy and wet, so we only got 2 good campfires out of it.
The day after we took these pictures, we decided to leave Spring Hollow.  The many people that overflowed the park had to be policed, they didn't read the signs or follow the rules and it was up to Chuck and I to smile nicely and inform them of the rules and sometimes that meant asking for the money due or asking them to leave. Both usually brought bad tempers and bad manners out of the guests. This was taking it's toll on us. Chuck and I are nice people and we try to be nice to others. But when you keep getting rude people in your face, it wears you down. We decided we preferred private campgrounds where people know the rules when they arrive and there are no wandering picnickers or hikers or speeding mountain bike riders to have to admonish. We gave our week's notice and left. 
We went out the way we came in, out through eastern Logan Canyon, highway 89.

      The aspen trees were wearing new green leaves!
 There was still plenty of snow up in the mountains waiting to melt and rush down to the rivers!
 Some of the melted snow made it down to Bear Lake
 Bear Lake looks like the Caribbean than a mountain top lake, the incredible brilliant blue was amazing!
We also passed several older pioneer era buildings, still standing.

We even saw a herd of pronghorn antelope near the same place we saw them as we were headed to Spring Hollow!

We went back the way we came, to Evanston WY and stayed at the same campground where we had stayed the month before. Now where were we going to go ???
The road calls.........
Happy Trails!

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