Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our First Stop - Lake Greeson Arkansas


 Here are the 3 Amigos, Pete, Chuck and Larry.
This was our third year visiting at Lake Greeson. 
This year we had bad weather almost the whole time with tornadoes dancing around us, wind, rain but we still had a great time!
 After leaving Lake Greeson, we met up with Karen and Tom Whaley in Turkey Texas.  They both love the Texas way of dancing and spend their winters touring Texas and attending dance festivals. Turkey Texas has a great Bob Wills Country Swing Festival! Bob Wills was the creator of Country Swing, just think of Country Jazz or country music with a Glenn Miller twist! Good Stuff! There were dances happening all over town!

Saw this Jeep covered in license plates all over it! 
Made me think of you Jeff!! Click on the photo to take it full size!

 This was our camp site at Spring Hollow, near Logan UT. It is a beautiful campground and we loved our bosses there.
But this just wasn't what we expected. So after a month, we put in our 2 week notice and they told us one week would be enough so we left. We have decided we prefer privately owned campgrounds over publicly owned/managed campgrounds.
Spring Hollow is a part of the Forest Service and managed by American Land and Leisure. 

There is snow all over Utah still! We had snow on 
Memorial Day up in the mountains.
 Chuck, busy at work!

 The road out of the canyon and into Logan Utah! Snow covered mountains all around!
 We even had a small waterfall at Spring Hollow!

 After we left our job, we went up to Bear Lake and around to Moab Utah. The lake was beautiful but hard to think of all this snow still happening in mid-June!

 The day after we landed in Moab UT, we ventured into Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park.
It was good meeting our travelling friends Diane and Paul in Moab. They have a good workamping job there for the rest of the season.

 Canyonlands is awe inspiring! The beauty there just takes your breath away!  We want to go back and do more exploring.
Now that I have the photo editor thing figured out, I'll try to keep the blog caught up now! Thank you for your patience!
Happy Trails to you from Geri, Chuck and the Hound Herd,
Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!

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  1. Great update and photos ! Your campground looks very cool there.


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