Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kolob and Zion National Park part 2!


Last blog I told you how the second part of this trip to Kolob Reservoir scared me to death! It was 24 miles from Virgin, Utah to the reservoir and we went from about 3,300 feet in elevation to over 8,000 feet in elevation! But it took 24 miles to go up some 5,000 feet! Coming down is a totally different experience!  I couldn't find any information on how many miles it is from the reservoir to I-15.... but I am sure it's a whole lot less than 24 miles down! Like maybe 12 miles???? Felt like 12 miles anyways!

Here is a link with some useful information about the trip UP!

At the reservoir, there are several really nice places, summer homes. Some are like small mansions actually! But Chuck and I really liked the small cabin that had an outstanding view of the lake!

The road continued around the lake. It was NOT well marked. We used our GPS to get us to the interstate!
If you look directly across the lake, you will see the road continue on. Just past what you can see, the road was still pretty muddy and rutted due to snow melt!

There was still quite a few pockets of snow tucked in here and there!
This road is maintained by Chuck Hajek! There was a bright blue beer can on the side of the road that just didn't help the view at all, so Chuck got out and picked up that can and another can and a plastic bottle that was carelessly tossed to the side of the road! YaY Chuck!
When you get up to the top, by the reservoir, everything flattens out to prairie grasslands.
Did I mention that it was dirt roads all the way down to the interstate???  But seeing these quirky quaky Aspen trees brought smiles....

Then we saw where an Aspen had fallen across the road, fortunately we arrived after  some nice someone had sawed through and left room to pass.  Here is where I gave up the steering wheel to Chuck, I just had one of those feelings!

Uh Huh!  Okay! This is where DOWN starts!

An interesting lava rock takes my attention from the road that is headed DOWN!

AND more down!  See that itty bitty road under the arrow?  It's DOWN! See the outer edge of the dirt road? Straight down from there! See the sharp right hand turn? Much sharper than it looks when you are headed DOWN!

 A fairly level stretch on the downhill ride! There were very few places where I actually felt secure enough to take a deep breath and take a photograph!

Like here, a nice pretty little waterfall on my side of the road. Then we turned the corner....

Oh yeah! This is what I have been talking about! A dirt road barely wide enough for one vehicle and a steep drop off at a very sharp switchback curve!

In the second turn of that switchback....

in the third sharp turn and drop off of the switchback....

Ok, so it's just another switchback!  This whole road is nothing but slippery gravel and sharp curves with steep drop-off edges!

 However, on my side of the road, I get to see some neat rocks.....
 And an old mining shaft.....

OMG! Then I look straight ahead!!!!
I take my eyes off the steep drop-off ahead and see another old mine shaft out my window! Chuck pointed both mine shafts out to me. Now keep in mind that my sweet husband was supposed to be driving with his eyes on the road! Yet he manages to see old mining equipment off to the side!

Ok, this is where I stopped taking pictures and started screaming! That bright pink arrow is pointing to the interstate.  Straight down from here! Ok.  I survived. We all survived!
 But  when Chuck got me down to the interstate and safely back home, he mixed me a very strong drink! Hurmph! He shoulda made me a drink or two before starting down this road!  Not one of my favorite roads! It's not even nearly as pretty as the road up and I must have at least 20 or more new grey hairs!
Let this be a warning to you! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed the downhill trip as much as I didn't! :-)  Reporting from The MotherShip and her crew: Chuck, Geri, Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!

Now I am going to do something I don't usually do...
show you another blog! From travellinglongdogs! She visited a bunch of ladies in Texas who got together with their vintage, restored, redecorated travel trailers and held an open house to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project, a very worth cause! After taking my scary ride, you will peobably love the fun in this link!


  1. I can't wait to get to your neck of the woods, probably in October, and drive some of these "off-roads"! Thanks for the trip!...

    1. I love my wife dearly but what a WIMP! Wasn't more 6 or 7 places over 15%......Chuck


  2. AAACCCCHHHHH! I felt myself screaming right along with you... Are you sure we weren't on a rollercoaster ride???

  3. Hey KLB... a roller coaster has tracks that hold it and keeping you from slipping off! Much more fun than this road! LOL!

  4. Scared or not, you still managed to get some good photos.

    1. You should have seen how many I had to delete because my hands were shaking so bad! But thanks for the compliment!

  5. Oh yea, this is my kind of road. And surrounded by outstanding scenery and marvelous views.

    1. I really loved the first part of the ride, the previous blog shows the 24 miles from Virgin to Kolob Reservoir. Breathtaking in a good awesome way! NOT breathtaking as in this might be my last breath as on the ride down! LOL!

  6. Glad you both made it safe. I would do the same thing you did, a big stiff drink. Thanks for the post. Love the photos and the information, keep it all coming/=.

  7. Grin... Chuck is getting pretty good at making margeritas!


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