Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kolob and Zion National Park


Yesterday was a fun day!  Well, the first half was fun, the second half was terrifying for this woman from the flatlands of Florida!  We took the drive up to Kolob Reservoir.  I took so many photos, the ride up and the scary ride down! We did the full experience!  Took the road all the way from Virgin UT to the Reservoir, all paved... and then the road from the Reservoir to I-15, all dirt!  Don't even try that back half without 4X4! I even might suggest you leave your screaming. height challenged woman at home! Jeeze Louise what a ride!

This blog is about the first half....   not even ready to edit the photos from the 2nd half yet!

As Chuck and I returned from breakfast this morning,
I couldn't help but remark about the beauty of Utah! More beauty than the eyes or the heart can hold!

There is a technical name for layered color of rocks like these, but I call them Mother Nature's petticoats!

Every corner offers beauty!

Looking down into the canyon below... the rock on the left is lava rock.

The road up to Kolob Reservoir goes in and out of Zion National Park. In my opinion, this ride shows more beauty than in the actual park!

Need I say more ???

The beauty just overwhelms me! Chuck took most of the photographs up to the reservoir because I was driving.  I am so proud of him, he really takes a great portrait of the amazing landscape in front of us!

The further up you go, the landscape changes, flatter land with the rocks thrusting up out of the earth.

 Then around the next curve, the scenery changes once again!

Textures of the Earth left open bare and beautiful!

Chuck and I spot a shady pine grove and decide to walk the hound herd. Chuck offers to walk the dogs while I go explore the path below.

The path led through the brush and opened up to this amazing view!

 This was another view at the end of the path...

And then we wandered onto a field full of black-eyed susan flowers!

The next curve broght Quaking Aspen trees, just beginning their spring bloom at about 8,000 feet!

And finally the reservoir

Finally, 24 miles later we arrive at the Kolob Reservoir!

To copy some information from a brochure, "This area is the little known jewel if Zion. Located along the western edge of Zion National Park it offers spectacular views of red rock mountains, Eagle or Condor sightings, hiking trails, pictographs in Cave Valley and fishing in the reservoir. The temperature is usually 10 - 15 degrees cooler because of the higher elevation. In it's lower regions, the Kolob is a lush world of red cliffs.... "

We hope you enjoyed this 24 mile journey with us!
Happy Trails from the Crew of the MotherShip: Geri, Chuck and our hound herd Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!


  1. WOW! Looks like a wonderful scenic drive. Glad to see you are enjoying Utah. I think we are planning to do some trips there next year. Right now we are just doing weekends since I am still working and we wanted to get the most use out of the RV. We are having a great time. Keep up your posts love the photos and all the information you provide on the ares you visit.

  2. I am going to look at this again just before I go to bed and, hopefully, dream of places like this. Thanks beautiful pics guys.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the journey Emily! Hope you get to make it out here while we are here!

  3. I've only driven up to the reservoir once and found it every bit spectacular as the main part of the park. Keep your eyes open for condors around there. Look forward to the next part of this journey.

  4. I hope to get started on the trip down when I get off work today about 2pm! You are right Gaelyn, this road is every bit as spectacular as the road you have to pay $25 to drive thru in the Parks eastern side!

  5. Geri and Chuck -- thanks for a wonderful tour! We have enjoyed the Utah scenery many times, but have not taken that tour. Now we have to! In fact, Suzy and her mother enjoyed Zion National Park several years back, while I had to stay home and work. So I am doubly excited about getting back to that area which really isn't far from where we hang out.

    Little hint -- you'd probably gbet more comments if you got rid of that two word verification tool at the bottom!

    1. I would LOVE to get rid of that 2 word verification IF I just knew how to do it! I hope you get the chance to ride up Kolob Canyon, such an amazing drive!

    2. Geri n I are staying at Zion River Resort in Virgin, come on by

  6. Thanks so much for the beautiful picture tour,


  7. Wow! So beautiful pictures, i love it very much. Thanks for sharing on this with us.

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